Aplikasi VIDEO BOKEH Terbaru 2022


Pengguna HP Android mulai mencari Android bokeh. Kamera bokeh untuk Android saat ini semakin canggih sehingga memudahkan pengguna untuk membuat konten video terbaik.

Fitur bokeh sebenarnya terdapat pada ponsel Android terbaru. Namun, tidak demikian halnya dengan ponsel jadul yang fungsinya terbatas.

Tersedianya aplikasi video bokeh Android jenis ini jelas akan membantu penggunanya untuk berkreasi.

Nah berikut ini adalah aplikasi video bokeh Android terbaik yang bisa kamu download. Lihat itu!

Salah satu aplikasi video bokeh canggih yang patut Anda coba adalah After Focus. Silakan unduh tautan di bawah ini.


Aplikasi untuk membuat efek video bokeh dengan fungsi After Focus. Seperti aplikasi lainnya, After Focus dapat diunduh dan digunakan secara gratis. Dengan Kamera Android Bokeh, Anda dapat menggunakan After Focus untuk membuat latar belakang buram, seperti foto DSLR. Selain itu, berbagai efek filter memberikan efek yang membuat foto menjadi natural dan realistis.

Cukup tandai area yang ingin Anda buat bokeh, After Focus secara otomatis mengenali area tepat yang perlu Anda fokuskan. Anda dapat langsung mencoba After Focus dengan mengunduh dari Google Play store.








































































Inexperienced Business – What to do for a beginner

Each of us is looking for a place to start. With so many business guides navigating the web, it’s hard to identify your foot. I was new to the stock market. I have learned from my experience and now I know how to trade without experience on the stock exchange. So I’m here to share some helpful tips for beginners like you. Happy arrival to the world of best investments and many returns.


To start investing in the stock market, it does not matter that you must have a qualification for financial education. There are many ways to learn how to start investing. However, it is best to choose an online course. Maybe you’ve been thinking about that course for a long time. But what I want to share here is that such a course will definitely help you. It will definitely give you a foundation for business without experience.

However, if you decide to start a stockbroker, the basic knowledge you will gain in the course will help you. Otherwise, you can lead others to guide you on how to plan your future strategy. However, a short-term or weekend course is possible.

Start small:

In general, of course, you have the opportunity to open a brokerage account. For such an account in your favor is better to start small. Remember to not spend all your money reserves at once for motivation. However, once you have cash, you can make weekly or monthly deposits. Your portfolio will initially fluctuate with market fluctuations. It’s always better to have a plan before you go to the stock market. If you notice a specific increase in the value of a stock, do not invest a lot of money in that stock. However, as the price reverses, you can gradually begin to replace the losses with new shares. However, never sell your common stock just because their value is starting to decline.

Get started soon:

Once you have completed the course, it is best to start as soon as possible. You can first schedule an account with a broker and then open an account and start your first trade. Of course, once you complete these first steps, your portfolio will grow. However, you should continue to make regular deposits.

However, you can begin the first two actions before completing the course. This will help you learn things faster and quickly learn your own techniques.

Continue exercise:

Like any other art, trading is an art that develops through practice. So don’t stop exercising. Of course, every trade you make can help you gain practice. You can train in a real arena to gain experience and come back.

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